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The Motor Vehicle Act '88 has stipulated that no person shall drive a motor vehicle or cause or allow a motor vehicle to be driven in any public place at a speed exceeding the maximum speed or below the minimum speed fixed for the vehicle under the Act or by any other law for the time being in force. The Central Government has been authorized to fix National Maximum Speed Limits for different classes of vehicles. The State Governments have been authorised to fix the Minimum & /or Maximum Speed Limits provided that such maximum speed shall in no case exceed the maximum fixed for any motor vehicle or class or description of motor vehicles by Central Government by notification in the Official Gazette .
In exercise of the powers conferred by Section112 (1), MVA'88 and vide Notification No. SO 425(E)/9-6-1989 the Central Government has fixed different National Maximum Speed Limits for different classes of motor vehicles. National Speed Limits have also been prescribed for certain classes of vehicles vide some of the Rules/Regulations/other Central Notifications under the Act. In exercise of the powers conferred by Section112 (2) of the Act and vide Notification No. 16167-HIII (2)-95/21261/ 23.11.1995, theHaryana Administration has fixed different maximum speed limits for different classes of motor vehicles & for different categories of roads in the UT,Haryana. These are the Local Maximum Speed Limits. The Administrator has authorized the Superintendent of Police, Traffic to have the traffic signs indicating the prescribed speed limits to be erected at suitable places as per requirement of Section 116 of the Act.

Given below are the Maximum Speed Limits as prescribed by the Central Government & U.T.Haryana Administration.

For all classes of Motor vehicles (including
trailers, if any)the wheels are fitted with
pneumatic tyres
State Highway Major DIstrict Road Village Road
Vehicle without a Trailer
Light Motor Vehicle
Light Motor Vehicle & a Transport Vehicle
Motor Cycle/Scooter
Medium or Heavy Passenger Motor Vehicles
Medium or Heavy Goods Vehicle
Vehicle drawing a Semi-Trailer
Articulated Vehicle, which is Heavy Goods Vehicl
Articulated Vehicle, which is Heavy Passenger Motor Vehicle
Vehicle drawing not more than one Trailer ( two in case of Artillery equipment)
Light Motor Vehicle drawing a Single Trailer, the trailer being two wheeled and the gross vehicle
weight of the trailer not exceeding 800 kilograms.
Light Motor Vehicle Drawing Trailer having more than two wheels and having gross vehicle weight exceeding 800 kilograms.
Medium Goods Vehicle or Medium Passenger Motor Vehicle drawing a single Trailer.
Heavy Goods Vehicle Or Heavy Passenger Motor Vehicle drawing a single Trailer
Heavy Goods Vehicle or Heavy Passenger Motor Vehicle drawing a single Trailer and used by the Fire Brigade
Other Speed Limits prescribed under MVA'88 & Rules/Regulations made there under
Construction Equipment Vehicle (For short durations only) Rule 2(ca) CMVR'89
School Bus (Orders of Hon'ble High Court)
When passing or meeting a procession or a body of troops or police on the march or when passing workmen engaged on road repair (Regulation 27 RRR '89)
Drilling Machine/ Boring Rig Mounted On Truck
On Tow (Regulation 20(4) RRR '89)


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