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Community Policy

These accidents are caused mainly due to engineering faults, vehicle faults, driversí errors and defective traffic regulation. After detailed and serious deliberations, it was felt that the police alone will not be able to make the desired impacts on the issue and the cooperation of other Govt. Departments and the General public will be of paramount importance.

Prominent members of society, namely, ex-servicemen, senior citizens, non-governmental organizations, resident welfare associations, retirees, shopkeepers, transporters, vehicle associations etc. were associated and an organization christened as Road Safety Organization was created in Karnal on 27.10.2009. Its objectives are :-

    1. To establish a link between road users, public and Police.
    2. To provide protection and security to road users.
    3. To arrange meetings and seminars to hear the problems of general public as well as other road users.
    4. To coordinate with other social organizations of the State to help road users.
    5. To launch awareness drives amongst school, colleges, factories, unions, bus stands etc.
    6. To help police in prevention & detection of crime on roads.
    7. To provide protection to women, school/college going girl students, senior citizens & other vulnerable road users.
    8. To coordinate with the police for extending First Aid to the accident victims.
    9. To make close vigil on eve teasers and other bad elements in cities.
    10. To involve the community so as to help the police in identifying traffic violators, drunken drivers, over-speeding vehicles etc. at the time of traffic checking.
    11. To help the police in removing encroachment on roads in city areas especially in the busy market establishments.
    12. To help the police in identifying the parking area roads in the city areas especially in the busy market establishments.
    13. To help the police in identifying accident prone areas.
Taking into consideration the successful result of this establishment in District Karnal, similar Road Safety Organizations have also been established in other districts as well. At present about 3460 Road Safety Officers are working in Haryana to achieve the above mentioned objectives/goals.

A Magazine "Sarak Suraksha", on Road Safety has been prepared by the Traffic & Highways, Haryana with the assistance of Road Safety Officers. This magazine "Sarak Suraksha" is of immense help in inculcating road discipline amongst road users. We are still making efforts to increase the number of RSOs, and hope that the road accidents will reduce further in the coming years.


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