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  1. No vehicle other than a mechanically disabled motor vehicle or incompletely assembled motor vehicle, a registered trailer or a side car, shall be drawn or towed by any other motor vehicle, except for purposes of delivery and to the nearest filling station or garage.
  2. No motor vehicle shall be drawn or towed by any other motor vehicle unless there is in the driver’s seat of the motor vehicle being drawn or towed a person holding a licence authorising him to drive the vehicle or unless the steering wheels of the motor vehicle being towed, are firmly and securely supported clear of the road surface by some crane or other device on the vehicle which is drawing or towing it.
  1. When a motor vehicle is being towed by another motor vehicle the clear distance between the rear of the front vehicle and the front of the rear vehicle shall at no time exceed five meters. The tow ropes, or chains shall be of a type easily distinguishable by other road users and there shall be clearly displayed on the rear of the vehicle being towed in block letters not less than seventy-five millimeters high and on a white background the word “ON TOW”
  2. No motor vehicle when towing another vehicle other than a trailer or side car shall be driver at a speed exceeding twenty-four kilometers per hour.


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