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Message from DGP

DGP - Sh. P.K. Agrawal, IPS

IGP - Sh. Amitabh Singh Dhillon, IPS

SP - Sh. Vinod Kumar, IPS


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  Objectives of Traffic & Highways

The following are the objectives to be fulfilled by the Traffic & Highways :-

  • Regulation of traffic- thereby bringing down the rate of accidents.
  • Accident relief- to provide first aid and facilitate the victims to reach the nearest hospital within the golden hour.
  • Education and Awareness.
  • Control on drunken drivers by way of establishing Sobriety Check Post and with the help of Alco-sensor.
  • Monitoring the over-loading of passengers & goods vehicles.
  • Collection & compilation of Accident Data and further dispatch to Police Hqrs., Transport Department, Haryana, & Ministry of Surface, Road Transport & Highways, Govt. of India, New Delhi.
  • Control Room To receive and pass over information to concerned Traffic Police Station related with accidents on Highways.
  • Liaison with various NGOs and other offices located in the State & Govt. of India to organize various seminars/meetings and training related with Road Safety.
  • Control on high speeding vehicles with the help of Interceptors.
  • Inspection of Traffic Police Stations.


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