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Message from DGP

Road accident are a human tragedy. It involves high human suffering and monetary cost in terms of premature deaths, injuries, loss of productivity etc. Most death and injuries due to road accidents are invisible to society. They are a hidden epidemic. In the State of Haryana, more than 4000 persons are killed and nearly 8,000 injured every year in Road Accidents.

Keeping in view the seriousness of the problems, the Government of Haryana,19 Traffic Aid Centers(TAC) have been established at a stretch of every 30Kms. along the five National Highway No. 1,2,8,10 and 22. Now these Traffic Aid Centers have been converted into 22 Traffic Police Stations and 5 Traffic Police Post. These 22 Traffic Police Stations/Traffic Police Posts have been provided with the facilities like Ambulance with para-medic staff, Crane, Gypsy, Motorcycle, Alco-sensor, Speed Radar, Camera and Saw machine.

Sh. Shatrujeet Singh Kapoor, IPS

DGP, Haryana


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